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9 Steps To Get Your Customers Actively Using Your Online Payment Portal

  • 1 min read

Customer payment portals are a must-have for accounts receivable teams. But they're only effective if customers are using them. If they aren't you'll miss out on significant benefits, including

  • Greater AR efficiency
  • Happier customers
  • Speedier payments
  • Automated cash and account reconciliation

Download the infographic, pin it to your wall, and follow along to get your customers actively using your online payment portal.

Infographic displayed diagonally; from a bird's-eye perspective

About the author

Jordan Zenko Headshot

Jordan Zenko

Jordan Zenko is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Versapay. A self-proclaimed storyteller, he authors in-depth content that educates and inspires accounts receivable and finance professionals on ways to transform their businesses. Jordan's leap to fintech comes after 5 years in business intelligence and data analytics.

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