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How Versapay Delivered 305% ROI on Accounts Receivable Transformation

  • 2 min read

ROI. As the economy slows and budgets tighten, these three letters become more critical than ever.

Demonstrating ROI is key to successful digital transformations, so we commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester Consulting to provide a framework for building your own business case.

After surveying four Versapay clients and aggregating their experiences into a single composite organization, the study found something significant:

A 305% ROI over three years, resulting in a gain of $8.53M.

In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Review the study,
  • Review its methodology, and
  • Show how our Collaborative AR and Cash Application solutions made it happen.

You’ll also learn how the composite organization representative of our interviewed clients:

  • Reduced check payments and customer phone calls by 70%-80%, saving nearly 35,000 administrative hours per year
  • Lowered customer churn, preserving up to $12.75M in sales revenue annually by year 3
  • Cut bad debt by 60%, for annual savings up to $4.9M by year 3

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