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28 February

The Future of Operational Finance

John McLeodJohn McLeod Filed in:Gain Insight Into AR, Save Time and Money

A recent promotional piece from Deloitte describes how Operational Finance should be the epicenter of upheaval. But Deloitte’s experiences with companies around the world leads it to believe that most companies are “sleepwalking” into this future of inevitability –...

6 December

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Accelerating Collections

Anna OrwinskiAnna Orwinski Filed in:Collect Smarter

When it comes to the invoice-to-cash process, the most common pain point next to cash application is collections management. If you’re in finance you can relate to the manual steps, time-consuming efforts, and constant back and forth with customers…...

19 November

The Deloitte Working Capital Series

John McLeodJohn McLeod Filed in:Save Time and Money

Deloitte has published its Working Capital Series, that includes Strategies for Optimizing Your Accounts Receivable; Strategies for Optimizing your Accounts Payable; Cash Management; and Strategies for Optimizing Your Inventory (read report here). I enjoyed the Strategies for Optimizing Your...

27 September

Why Financial Institutions Are Banking on Integrated Receivables

Anna OrwinskiAnna Orwinski Filed in:Gain Insight Into AR, Make Customers Happy

Are you behind on your Integrated Receivables Strategy? An integrated receivables hub is needed more than ever to future-proof business and banks are taking notice. But this wasn’t always the case. Three years ago, integrated receivables management was beginning...

1 September

Improving the B2B Customer Experience

John McLeodJohn McLeod Filed in:Make Customers Happy

An article published by McKinsey correctly argues that adopting a customer-centric mindset is just as critical in B2B dealings as it is when serving retail customers. The article, Improving the Business-to-Business Customer Experience says that more and more executives...

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