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ARC® Features
Intelligent Email

Email notifications that provide tracking and visibility to whether the recipient has opened or viewed the message

Express Customer Access

Allows a customer to access the portal without having username and password so as to view invoices and make one time payments

Email and Online Presentment

Provide delivery of invoices, statements and supporting documentation so as to allow customers to engage with you online and comment or dispute of presented documents

Recurring Invoice Generation

Provides for automated generation and delivery of recurring invoices based of configured parameters

Supporting Documents

Allow for automated retrieval of supporting documents to be attached to invoices for delivery over intelligent e-mail and made available for collaboration through the customer portal

Print/Mail Delivery

Provides delivery of statements, invoices and supporting documentation through paper mail and a one portal view of all customers who fall under electronic and paper delivery categories

Request Management

Enables a request engine that allows for the creation of request templates that can be used to request information from your customers in a structured format along driven by intelligent notifications

Dispute Management

A dispute engine that allows customers to create a dispute and provides for automated treatment of disputes so as to expedite resolution

Automated Collections

A set of tools incuding an automation engine, centralized note-taking and activity tracking and high levels of visibility to all customers transactions so as to enhance the performance of your collections operation

Online Payment

A payment engine that allows your customers to pay invoices online through various payment methods and schedules including line-item level payments, short payments, over payments and pre-payments


Provide an automated payments engine that processes payment instructions based on customer or supplier preference and provides notifications for exceptions

Pay on behalf of Customers

Allow a supplier user to conduct payment transactions on behalf of a customer including adding funding sources, paying invoices and enrolling the customer in an autopay agreement

Payment Plans

Provide for creation of a payment plan template and the enrolment of a customer in payment plan that allow distribution of payments over a given time period

Credit Card Fee Management

Provide for the addition of a surcharge fee for all transactions conducted through a credit card

Virtual Credit Card Acceptance
Payment Acceptance Rules

Enables rules based acceptance of payment methods (including acceptable timeframes, minimum/maximum thresholds) so as to use certain payment methods ocassionally, or for incentivized payment


Allow for presentment of invoices in multiple currencies concurrently

Cross-border Payments

Provide flexible payment methods from 220 countries and territories

Direct-to-Bank EFT/ACH

Provides for settlement of customer payments directly in to a supplier bank account without any intermediaries

Cash Application
Cash Application for Online Payments

Provide all remittance information for all online payments for automated posting of data in to source systems such as an ERP

Cash Application for External Payments

Automation tools for cash application of payments that come in through manual methods such as check and lockbox

Divisional Business Rules

Provide a view of all AR information as it relates to a multi-level divisional structure that captures structural or functional divisions within your organization

Customer Hierarchies

Allow for customer entities to be shown through a multi-level structure that captures parent-child relationships at the customer level

Mulitple AR Connectors

Allow for integrations with multiple source systems to pull AR related data (customer, invoice and payment records) and post payment information with remmitance

API Access

Provides for the use of a productized API that contains endpoints for integration and functional transactions

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