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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

PayPort allows businesses to go paperless and send and receive payments electronically. Through our system, fund transfers can be initiated via email, batch file upload, direct credit and debit, API or online PAD agreements. With PayPort, you can connect to the payment networks through our developer-friendly API.

Online PAD

Outside of offering standard paper-based PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit Agreements), VersaPay has a unique feature that allows you to setup online PADs with your clients. You can create PADs with your transaction partners to pay monthly bills such as phone bills, rent, or other recurring payments. When you create a PAD for the first time, you will simply input the client’s email address and add a memo to detail what it’s for. Your client will get an email invitation with a link to click and agree to the PAD. From there, they can input their own banking information and verify their account with a micro deposit. Once verified, you’ll receive a notification that the electronic PAD agreement is ready to go. With PayPort’s online dashboard you will no longer have to worry about PAD audits, as you will be able to manage all your PADs in one place.

Requesting Funds

Create requests for payments with PayPort to eliminate the need to send invoices in the mail. With our solution, you can simply input your client’s email address, enter an amount to request, attach an invoice (optional), add a memo, and then hit the send button. From here your client will receive an email with your request and a link to pay. The first time a client pays using their bank, VersaPay makes a small micro-deposit to verify the user account ownership. After it is verified, your client will simply click the “Pay Now” button with default options for ACH/EFT. If a client wishes to pay by credit card, VersaPay can set you up with a merchant account. Clients would simply input their credit card info and the payment will be made instantaneously. Once a payment is made, it is stored and tracked in the history tab of the online user interface. If you are not web-enabled, CSV reports are available to download the payment information back into your accounting system.

Batch File Processing

VersaPay has batch file processing capabilities for those looking to setup recurring payments. Simply put, if one has to debit or credit multiple accounts each month, they simply input the information in the batch file format we provide and upload it to VersaPay to create the individual transaction. From here you can monitor each transaction in real-time to see if it has processed, failed or still with the bank. We also provide paper-based PAD agreements for your clients to sign so you don’t have to worry about organizing any legal paperwork. Transactions can be monitored in real-time through the online user interface to ensure their completion and funding.


PayPort’s unique API allows for a completely integrated solution with your current infrastructure. Our API is designed to tokenize individual transactions and supports webhooks. This means PayPort can communicate with your system and keep you alerted on the status of individual transactions. This eliminates the need to log into PayPort to get status updates as information is reported  back to your software instead.