Say goodbye to manual checks

Traditional business-to-business methods of accepting and sending money are ineffective. Sending checks in the mail and depositing payments can delay the time it takes for you to pay and get paid.

With VersaPay PayPort you can send and accept money electronically by moving funds through the ACH or EFT network. With a cloud-based gateway, PayPort allows your business to push and pull funds multiple ways, by using its cloud-based online interface or responsive webhook API. PayPort can help whether you need to eliminate checks and start making electronic funds transfers or enhance your current software solution with the ability to accept EFT and ACH.

Take Your Business Payment Process Online

With a cloud-based gateway, PayPort transforms your business payment processes. Manage transactions, check statuses and generate reports through PayPort’s online interface. Move money through the banking network worry-free, with all sensitive banking data protected in a PCI Level 1 compliant environment.

Capture client-banking information, vault it, tokenize it and transact using PayPort. Transactions can be dictated in the background allowing PayPort to compliment your current software offering seamlessly.

Push and Pull Money with Electronic Funds Transfer

Directly push or pull funds directly from the client’s bank account either through batch files using PayPort’s online interface or individually using our API.  If you do not know your client’s banking information, PayPort can initiate PAD agreements or individual transactions to an email address. The first time you initiate a transaction, your client will be asked to input their banking information into PayPort’s  secure portal and verify a micro deposit. Moving forward, your client won’t need to click to claim payable transactions. For software partners, notifications can be disabled after the first transaction.

Move Funds According to Your Needs with Flexible Options

No matter how your business is looking to move funds in the banking network, Payport can help. Our powerful platform is wrapped in an intuitive online user interface that makes it easy for your team to customize user controls and approvals. In addition, Payport allows your clients to add multiple accounts to ensure consistent and cohesive control over funds management. Payport also offers an easy-to-navigate portal for your clients to personally view and manage their transactions.