Make Sure Money Goes Where It Belongs

This is the last mile for accounting—we make sure that your books reconcile with your bank statements, and that the cash is in the right place.

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Simplified Settlement

Rest assured that your money is ending up where you want it. We make sure that 100% of your digital payments are tracked from your customers’ accounts to yours by configuring settlement rules for automated deposits and reconciling both single and aggregate deposits automatically.

Support For Where You Bank

Receive support no matter where you bank. We connect with over 200 banks to quickly uncover and resolve payments that are delayed and missing, so you can be sure that your money is in the right place.

Aggregate Payment Support

Skip the back-office pain when electronic payments land in your account as an aggregate deposit. We take the burden off your team and put our powerful algorithms to work to analyze and decipher these payments and quickly identify exceptions that your team can act on.

“The Versapay platform will provide our accounting team with a better view of our customer accounts and facilitate greater collaboration with our customers. Our team can receive payments online and automatic reconciliation will save us a great deal of time.”

David Cannon

Controller, R. Torre & Co.