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Collaborative AR: Accomplishing What Automation Alone Can’t

  • 1 min read

Lost invoices. Payment discrepancies. Missing data. Because you can never automate 100% of AR, unavoidable breakdowns in customer experience cost you time and money. That gap is called the AR Disconnect.

It’s why we created Collaborative AR, giving you all the benefits of automation—plus the tools to handle what automation alone can’t. And with 86% of CEOs saying invoice to cash confusion costs them revenue, waiting any longer to close the gap simply isn’t an option.

What to expect:

In this webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Collaborative AR, including how it delivers results like:

  • 50% less manual work
  • 30% fewer past-due invoices
  • 95% customer satisfaction
  • 25% faster payments

We also cover its wide range of ERP integrations, and detail how TireHub was able to eliminate 200 hours of weekly AR work.

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