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Slater Hill Becomes Versapay’s First Canadian Referral Partner

Published on 2 min read

When Slater Hill, a Toronto-based technology consulting firm, was looking to enhance their business software, data, and cloud offerings, they realized quickly that Versapay was a great fit.

“Today we are excited to announce that Slater Hill Inc. has partnered with Versapay, one of the leading innovators in account receivable automation. Leveraging tools and expertise across both our organizations provides an exciting opportunity to maximize the efficiency of our client’s financial processes, while also expanding further our process automation solutions to include contract origination, collaboration, and now accounts receivable automation. We look forward to helping North American businesses run A/R more effectively,” said Tom Hill, Managing Partner/CEO at Slater Hill.

Versapay’s values and solutions aligns perfectly with Slater Hill’s commitment to provide their clients with an engaged and connected workforce, streamlined operations, and modern applications. ARC, an end-to-end accounts receivable solution, eliminates key pains and automates manual tasks in the invoice-to-cash cycle. This offering will give Slater Hill a unique edge to offer their clients a solution that will help them get paid faster and improve customer satisfaction.

“We are pleased to welcome Slater Hill to the Versapartner Family as our first Canadian Referral Partner,” said Gary Mirsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Partnering with Slater Hill allows us to give their clients a tried and true solution to revolutionize their accounts receivable process.”

With Versapay ARC, businesses gain access to a suite of powerful tools that enable efficient collections, cash application and real-time insight into accounts receivable. By automating invoice presentment, matching of payments to invoices, and cash application, accounts receivable teams can reallocate their time to high-value work, such as working with a client who can’t pay, and move their business forward.

This new partnership builds on the Versapay’s commitment to provide industry leaders in the technology services space with the new standard in AR automation. As Gary Mirsky said, “We look forward to contributing to the growth of Slater Hill’s already product-rich suite and providing their clients an exceptional experience.”

About Slater Hill:

Slater Hill Inc. is a Toronto-based technology consulting firm committed to maximizing their clients' investments in business software, data and the cloud. Slater Hill combines deep business analysis with modern technologies to deliver their clients an engaged workforce, streamlined operations and modern applications.

For more information about Slater Hill, visit slaterhill.com.

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