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Improving Customer Experience & Increasing Electronic Payments by 50% in Month One At Large HVAC/R Distribution Company


Carrier Enterprise (CE) has transformed its AR function and dramatically improved its customer experience. By implementing a solution that allows customers to transact when and how they want and provides them access to account details 24/7/365, Carrier Enterprise is making it easier for customers to do business with them.

By automating many of the accounts receivable and credit and collections tasks, Carrier Enterprise has removed the friction from its team’s daily grind, boosting morale and enabling them to engage with customers in a much more effective way.


Carrier Enterprise had a highly manual credit and collections process that required four separate technology systems and consistently tied up one third of its 160 person finance organization. About half of all customers were receiving PDF invoices and statements through email, which provided very limited utility to the customer. If a customer wanted any information or had any issues, they had to pick up the phone and call CE directly.

The vast majority of customers paid with checks, and because CE’s customer base is predominantly small ‘mom and pop shops’, those checks were handwritten. A challenge that proved too great for CE’s check reading tool. CE’s cash application group was left handling up to 80% of the checks the organization received.

Carrier Enterprise had great, hard-working people but with the tools and processes available to them, they were left working with one hand tied behind their back. CE needed to find a better way.


Carrier Enterprise implemented VersaPay ARC®, a cloud-based solution that automates the entire invoice-to-cash process: presentment, collaboration, collections, payments and cash application. With ARC, Carrier Enterprise has eliminated frustrations from its AR process, replaced all 4 systems previously used, enabled efficiencies for both its finance organization and customers, and greatly improved the customer experience.

Customers love the complete suite of functionality available to them. They no longer have to call CE to find their account details. Instead, they can access all of their information and make payments via the self-service, online portal. After rolling out ARC to one region, CE’s percentage of electronic payments received in that region doubled. A strong step towards achieving CE’s goal of 100% electronic payments.

“It’s all about unlocking our cash reserves so we can redeploy it in value-creating investments.”

John Shamanis, CFO

Collection efforts have been expedited and are much less painful for both CE’s team and the customers. AR teams and customers can look at the data together, allowing customers to see credits available to them, which couldn’t be done before ARC.

CE’s roll-out of ARC has had a tremendously positive impact on CE’s customers while equally transforming the experience of its AR and credit organization. And it’s only getting started.

“Working with VersaPay has been a very positive experience for us. They have a lot of good people and it’s really shown in the way they’ve delivered their commitments to us. At the end of the day, it takes a partnership and I think that we’ve formed a good partnership.”

John Shamanis, CFO

Industry: Wholesale Distribution
Invoices per month:

Carrier Enterprise (CE) is a subsidiary of Watsco, Inc., the largest independent HVAC/R distribution company in the world. CE proudly distributes the Carrier, Bryant and Payne brands of HVAC equipment. CE has over 1,600 employees across more than 150 locations throughout 28 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


CE needed a full digital transformation, and no functional area was exempt.
Solutions Research
Went through a very thorough due diligence effort.
Provider Selection
Chose VersaPay ARC because it was deemed a superior product to competitors, placed strong importance on customer success and wanted to work together as partners.
Started with one region, and then rolled-out to all 9 more.
Success Management
Proactive, ongoing post-implementation support continues to strengthen the CE and VersaPay partnership.

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