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Credit & Collections Management

  • Process Automation: Automate routine tasks with over 150 notifications that can be tailored to your business, allowing your collectors to focus on the customers that can’t (or won’t) pay.
  • Customer Self-Service: Access to accurate data, proactive reminders, and intuitive online tools remove friction from the AR process, allowing customers to collaborate and pay when ready.
  • Visibility Across the Organization: Leveraging data from your current ERP and billing system, ARC® enables a holistic, central view of the status of all receivables.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You

There comes a time in the growth of every business where they are faced with a challenge on how to collect better. Through a notifications engine that is configured with rules and timelines, the repetitive tasks can now be eliminated. Exceptions are then brought to your attention with smart reporting that is driven by e-mail. In addition, your team has real-time access to a customer report card so as to be able to make the best possible decisions on how to collect from the customer.

ARC® is the one collector you need that can scale infinitely with your growing business by providing automated touchpoints with your accounts so that your labor force can focus on and manage the exceptions.

“VersaPay is so liked by our customers that when they attended our user conference this year, we had a number of individuals that were interested in learning more about using VersaPay for their own operations”.”

Preston McKenzie

The Platform That Pays For Itself

Whether you’re exploring A/R automation for the first time or building the business case to begin a project, our quick ROI calculator will show you the specific savings available to your business.

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