Each month Livingston issues more than three hundred thousand invoices and collects payments from tens of thousands of customers. VersaPay ARC was selected to enhance the end-to-end operation and improve the company’s key receivables metrics.

Intuit chose VersaPay ARC to improve their collection tools and automate their invoice-to-cash cycle. They now offer a better collaboration and payment experience for thousands of small business and accountant customers.

InvenTrust Properties chose VersaPay ARC to provide their tenants with self-service account access and to help their accounting team gain dashboard visibility on key financial metrics. This helps InvenTrust proactively monitor and manage financial operations.

PREIT selected VersaPay ARC to provide an easy-to-use portal that allows their tenants to view invoices and make payments online. Their team now leverages a powerful suite of tools to manage our accounts receivable and collections processes.

Vantage Point Corporation chose VersaPay ARC to provide their customers a better experience with a self-service platform for electronic invoice presentment and payment and drastically increased the efficiency of their staff with automated accounts receivable.

SPS Commerce, a cloud-based supply chain management software provider, chose VersaPay ARC to automate their invoice-to-cash cycle. They now offer their customers a better experience and their team has access to advanced collection tools.

Brixmor chose VersaPay ARC to enhance communications, and provide more payment options for their customers. ARC will allow Brixmor to create a better customer experience.

Denver post has selected VersaPay ARC to improve the efficiency of their daily financial operations and provide a superior experience for their customers with their invoices, statements, and accounts all in one place.

VersaPay’s ARC has been implemented for NEWSCYCLE Solutions, to allow them to effectively manage all aspects of their invoicing process in the security of a PCI compliant environment.


Torani has chosen VersaPay’s accounts receivable solution to automate their invoice-to-cash process and make it easier to do business with a self-service portal for customers.

VersaPay ARC was implemented for Metroland Media providing a seamless AR solution for thousands of MMG’s customers making it easier for them to do business and manage their accounts on a daily basis.



McLeod Software has chosen VersaPay’s cloud-based accounts receivable solution to improve efficiency in their day-to-day financial operations and to provide a better customer experience.

The Erb Group of Companies has selected VersaPay, to provide their accounts receivable automation solution. ARC will allow Erb to reduce its DSO by automatically following up with customers and avoiding the need to resend invoices.

Transport Logistics, using VersaPay ARC, enables their customers to retrieve their proofs of delivery, allowing them to scale operational capacity without adding headcount.

VersaPay ARC was implemented to help SIHL Corporation reinvent their current accounts receivable process. This solution will benefit SIHL by automatically generating invoices, and removing the manual process of matching payments to invoices.


VersaPay ARC was implemented for LoadDelivered Logistics to increase the efficiency of their accounts receivable process, automatically match payments to invoices and create a collaborative experience for their customers.


ic! berlin has chosen VersaPay’s account receivable solution to offer self-service and collaborate more closely with customers while at the same time offering flexible payment options in a secure PCI compliant environment.

VersaPay provides Teachers Life with the VersaPay ARC solution providing their end customers with an easy to use platform which reduces the time it takes them to manage invoices and payments.


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The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada has selected VersaPay to provide their credit card payment solution to accept donations. The ARC platform will give the Children’s Wish Foundation greater reporting capabilities and enables them to efficiently manage their operations.

Industry leader Terradatum Inc. has chosen to implement VersaPay’s ARC platform to allow them to efficiently scale their growing business. The automated receivables solution will allow to securely manage their ever increasing customer demand.

VersaPay’s ARC has been chosen by Hadrian Manufacturing to let them better serve their customers and give them a competitive advantage in their industry.

VersaPay ARC provides FrogBox an automated accounts receivable platform to assist the payment process for franchise fee’s. ARC’s platform provided and easy to use intuitive interface for franchise owners.

VersaPay ARC provides Logistical Labs an automated accounts receivable platform for their cloud-based pricing solutions for the supply chain industry. Being a cloud-based software company, knowing ARC is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider was a key factor in their decision.

VersaPay ARC Lite provides McDonough’s with automated accounts receivable and recurring billing platform for invoicing and payment to help them get paid faster and make customers happier.

VersaPay extended its PayPort platform to offer TBS customers a hosted payment portal to issue credit card payments against their outstanding account balance, the service is available to their ON wholesale customers.

VersaPay developed a comprehensive payment platform for BDL, currently known as PayPort – which is allows for a variety of payments to be accepted and managed by the customer directly for their wholesale beer orders. The solution is offered for their online ordering facility in BC and SK.

VersaPay provides Canada’s second most visited on-line travel site with e-commerce credit card processing solutions.

Versapay partners with Globus on all aspects of credit card processing to ensure excellent customer service for their clients.

VersaPay for the last few years has been the preferred provider for the Ontario Vet Medical Association (OVMA) to provide payment processing to members and the organization. Through our partner program, VersaPay has helped over 150 veterinary practices get setup with a cost effective merchant service solution.

VersaPay has been the preferred provider for the OAND and its members for credit and debit card processing. The core of this relationship is our accountable and trust worthy service that allows practices to focus on core business instead of administrative work.