Thinking Differently About AR

This year, 76% of businesses say the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them towards digital payments. 82% say they’re changing their processes for sending and receiving payments. Now more than ever, your customers expect an invoicing and payment experience that works for them.

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Our Experience as Consumers Drives Our Expectations at Work

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Digital Payments Are Replacing Checks

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Millennials Now Dominate the Labor Force

Automating the Back Office Isn’t Enough

Traditionally, AR teams have focused on automating back office processes to improve productivity and reduce the time and cost of collecting payments. But the world has changed. Now customers expect more. They expect doing business with you to be:
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Give your customers a powerful yet easy-to-use self-service experience to make it convenient to do business with you. Let them pay the way they want, when they want, and from anywhere they want.

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Provide customers with 100% visibility into their account—including outstanding amounts and credits, payment history, and even unapplied payments—and give them flexible payment options for a complete online experience.

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Easy to Use

Deliver an experience on par with consumer services, with a simple and easy web portal that operates on any device. Doing business with you should be as easy as shopping online.

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Top of Mind

Prompt customers for payment and other follow-up actions with personalized notifications. Embedded calls to action in emails and within the portal allow customers to stay in control of their accounts.

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Give your customers the options they want—from how they receive invoice data and communicate with you, to how they pay.

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Be social! Communicate with your customers like you communicate on your favorite social network. Post comments, ask questions, and share documents alongside invoices and payments.

Versapay’s Customer-Centric AR Platform

Rethinking your AR process by focusing on your customers’ experience will make your customers happy. They’ll appreciate that you’ve made it easier to do business with you. But it does even more. By making it easier for customers to pay and improving the information flow between you, the problems that typically hold up payments are largely eliminated. The results? You make your customers happy… and get paid faster.

This is exactly why we created ARC, Versapay’s Customer-Centric AR Platform.

With over half a million customers online, Versapay’s ARC has proven that you can get paid faster while improving your customer relationships. More than 80% of our clients’ customers embrace the online services available through the platform, improving payment times by five or more days and customer satisfaction within the billing and payment process.