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Versapay's Carey O'Connor Kolaja Featured on Leaders In Payments Podcast

  • 2 min read

In an episode of The Leaders in Payments Podcast, hosted by Greg Hunt, Versapay CEO Carey O'Connor Kolaja discusses the path forward to a digital-first B2B payment landscape.

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On the 300th episode of the Leaders in Payments Podcast, Carey O’Connor Kolaja, CEO of Versapay, sheds light on the direction of a digital-centric B2B payment environment. In this episode, host Greg Hunt delves deep into the transformative role of technology, particularly AI and ERP integration, in reshaping transaction management and bolstering financial efficiency.

In their discussion, Carey and Greg reflect on the changing landscape driven by generational shifts—a realm where the natural digital adeptness of our children merely represents the broader demand for frictionless transactions. They examine the role of AI and ML in not just countering fraud but also enabling businesses to advance into the future with more intelligent, faster, and more secure financial processes.

Throughout the episode, Carey articulates her aspirations for Versapay, emphasizing a commitment to addressing real challenges while fostering a more accessible financial realm. She envisions a future where financial choices are automated, technology-infused, and safeguarded, underlining a dedication to inclusivity and innovation.

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