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Four Essential Steps for Successful Payment Portal Adoption

Published on 4 min read

What’s the value of a modern payment portal with no end-user adoption? The answer is—not a whole lot. Adoption is the key to success. In this blog we give you our top 4 pieces of advice for driving adoption of your new payment solution.

No matter how much time you spend putting together requirements documents, RFPs, interviewing stakeholders, comparing vendors, sitting through demos, negotiating price and doing anything else you can to ensure you are implementing the best solution to solve your challenges, if your customers don't use it, then it’s all a waste. And chances are, since those challenges aren’t being solved, in 6 months time...maybe a year, you’ll decide that that solution isn’t up to the task and you’ll start the process all over again.

Adoption is the key to success.

In a world where most people are hesitant to change, and it’s fair to say that financial professionals are more averse to change than the average person, how do you drive meaningful adoption?

We’ve done it. We do it all the time in fact. Our Accounts Receivable (AR) and B2B payments solution has the highest adoption numbers in the industry...by a long shot. Our implementation consultants and client success managers use tried and tested strategies that drive behavioral change in an impactful way. So, we’ve asked them to share their secrets.

Here are their top 4 pieces of advice for driving adoption of your new payment solution:

Build awareness among your customers and the internal team

Create excitement among your internal team by ensuring they understand how this new platform will make their lives easier. Provide appropriate training and user guidelines so that they understand and feel confident using the tool. Ensure they have quick access to on-demand support resources if they should ever run into trouble and also be sure they understand what’s expected of them. Set-up targets and be clear on what improvements you are expecting to see.

On your customer side, work with your CRM team to create a bespoke marketing campaign to drive awareness of the incoming solution. Send out pre-launch communications, invitation emails, add mention of the new software in all relevant email signatures, add messaging on printed invoices and statements, and make use of all other commonly used marketing channels. Within the platform, ensure you enable all appropriate Customer and Supplier notifications and set up reminders for users who ignore the invitation.

Highlight features that incentivize your customers

One of the most critical steps in the adoption process for any payment portal is to get your customers to make that first payment. You and your team need to be clear on why using this new payment portal would benefit your customers so that you can re-enforce that message at every interaction. Educate customers on features that make it easy for them to make a payment such as AutoPay options, credit cards, one-click sign-up, and real-time, in-platform communication channels. Help your customers understand the advantage they will gain by using the new payment portal. In addition, incentivize desired behavior during that first month by offering a flat fee discount to customers who pay with the portal instead of paying with checks, as an example.

Leverage learnings with feedback and surveys to early adopters

Asking for feedback in the early stages of the roll-out will enhance customers' satisfaction in the long-term. This step helps you understand where customers are struggling and what needs to be changed to remove barriers before moving forward. With insights from a survey, you can not only increase the quality of the product delivered, but you can apply those learnings to develop a meaningful marketing campaign. Customers will feel that you are here to listen to them and really understand their needs. In addition to driving adoption, this step helps strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Your adoption drives customers' adoption

To optimize the use of the solution and maximize its value to your customers, you need to understand it and you need to use it. How can customers believe in the product if you are not using it? The most critical step in driving customer adoption is driving internal adoption. If there is an issue with the payment process, the first point of contact customers will reach out to is you and your team. Your job is to save your customers time by always being aware of potential issues and share your experience about areas that could cause confusion or delay. Replying to customers' concerns with "we don't know" will discourage customers from using the new payment portal. A good digital payment portal and AR solution provides you with customer behavior data. Use this data to proactively identify opportunities, forecast market movement, and solve customer issues before they arise.

Following these four steps will go a long way in ensuring your payment solution implementation is a success. If you'd like to learn more about making customer payments a breeze, check out our other resources.

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