A/R Automation for Manufacturing

  • Automate Your Workflows: Reduce manual processes in the Accounts Receivable process by up to 70% and refocus your team’s efforts on adding value for your customers.
  • Centralize Invoices and Supporting Documentation: Provide your customers with an online hub for invoices, supporting documentation, and payment options.
  • Resolve Disputes in Real-Time: Your customers are able to collaborate with your A/R team online, in real-time, to get questions answered and disputes resolved quickly.

Reduce your DSO By 5 – 25+ Days

Cash seldom comes in quickly enough. Manufacturers struggle to get customers to pay on time, which leaves them squeezed financially as they manage growth.

You’re not alone. This problem is entirely typical when your accounts receivable process is paper-based and highly manual. There are many points of friction in the process which cause delays: from time in the mail, to invoice errors, and invoices stuck in a pile of papers on someone’s desk, it’s no wonder payments are delayed.

Improve Your AR Team’s Productivity

Reduce up to 70% of your team’s manual effort and redeploy your team’s efforts towards value-add tasks. Leveraging over 150 notifications, ARC will take care of notifying your customers when invoices are due and follows up on overdue payments. Our cloud-based platform also enables real-time communication between your team and your customers, facilitating seamless dispute resolution and faster payment.

Get Paid Faster

Flexible payment options (ACH, EFT, credit card), intelligent notifications, and real-time collaboration between your team and customers streamlines the payment process, resulting in a reduced DSO, and increased access to your working capital. Our customers typically see reductions in their DSO of between 5 and 25 days, resulting in substantial improvements to their bottom line.

Delight Your Customers

Provide your customers with unparalleled visibility into their account, including past invoices, payments, and communications with your team. ARC is intuitive and easy to use, leading to quick adoption by your customer base. Our notification system is frictionless, moving customers from email notification through to payment portal securely in a single click, without the need to remember login credentials.

The Platform That Pays For Itself

Whether you’re exploring A/R automation for the first time or building the business case to begin a project, our quick ROI calculator will show you the specific savings available to your business.

Take a couple of minutes to understand the compelling case for automating your AR.

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