5 Reasons to Accept B2B Credit Card Payments2019-10-11T11:21:10-05:00

5 Reasons to Accept B2B Credit Card Payments

The business case to accept B2B credit card payments shows significant value and opportunity. Adopters cite improvements to revenue growth, customer acquisition and satisfaction, cash flow management, process efficiencies and cost savings, to name a few.

B2B credit card acceptance comes with costs— interchange and processing fees, for example— which, in the past were valid deterrents; but in today’s digitized, consumerized, real-time world there really is no reason for businesses to not offer credit cards as a payment option.

Simply put: if you do not accept credit card payments, your customers may switch to a supplier that does.

This eBook highlights the shift in market dynamics and provides you with the top five value drivers that justify implementing a credit card acceptance program.

This eBook will explore 5 convincing reasons why you should consider accepting B2B credit card payments:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn
  2. Accelerate invoice-to-cash
  3. Reduce the cost of invoices and reconciliation
  4. Improve cash flow and liquidity management
  5. Reduce risk and prevent fraud
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