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5 Reasons to Accept B2B Credit Card Payments

Published on 1 min read

While corporate (B2B) credit card programs are forecasted to grow 85% by 2018, it’s surprising that less than 15% of B2B organizations accept credit card payments. Sure, B2B card transaction costs - interchange and processing fees – were valid deterrents in the past; but it’s a whole new digitized, consumerized, real-time world today. Simply: if you do not accept credit card payments, your customers may switch to a supplier that does.

This eBook highlights the shift in market dynamics and provides the Office of Finance with the top five value drivers which justify implementing a credit card acceptance program.

This eBook will explore 5 convincing reasons why you should consider accepting B2B credit card payments:

  • increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn
  • accelerate invoice-to-cash
  • reduce the cost of invoices and reconciliation
  • improve cash flow and liquidity management
  • reduce risk and prevent fraud

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