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What It’s Like To Be a Marketing Intern at Versapay

Published on 2 min read

I made the life-changing decision six years ago to move to Toronto from China for my education. It should come as no surprise then that I’m someone who loves taking on new adventures and challenges—and my co-op term with Versapay was just that.

If you asked me to summarize my experience working as a marketing co-op at Versapay in one word, I would say: unexpected.

As a student majoring in finance, I previously completed internships in sales and accounting so marketing was a new area that I had not yet explored. Getting firsthand experience is the best way to learn and I’ve soaked up new knowledge everyday like a sponge. Over the course of my co-op, I’ve gotten to know and learn from several industry experts, which has been priceless for my career development.

Because this was my first ever marketing job, I had a steep learning curve. I started this work term slightly overwhelmed by the amount of new information I had to take in, with plenty of meetings in between. This fast-paced working environment requires you to learn quickly and being part of a marketing team requires you to be an expert in many fields. Video editing, creative thinking, writing, and design are just the tip of the iceberg for the knowledge essential to marketers.

The intern experience at Versapay is different from any other because of the ownership we’re given. I take responsibility for several projects and am also involved in a wide array of marketing activities. These range from managing social media platforms and brainstorming creative content to doing research and analysis. I treat every project with the same commitment, whether the task is big or small.

Commitment—along with curiosity, honesty, and results—is a core company value. I can feel these values reflected in Versapay’s culture every single day.

Just like marketing shapes your first impression of a company, employees shape your first impression of a company’s culture. At Versapay, we work hard and play hard. You can often find us playing board games in the office cafeteria during lunch or going out for a coffee run. We love exploring the best bars near the office, playing sports as a team, and celebrating holidays with fun activities and tasty treats.

Working at Versapay makes me feel like a trusted employee, as I’m constantly encouraged to bring up new ideas and empowered to contribute to the organization. When I first started at Versapay, I set a goal to be curious about why our practices are the way they are and continuously seek a better way. Versapay's team and leadership have shown that they value this way of thinking and appreciate everyone's opinion.

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