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Cash Application Automation

  • 100% Accuracy for Online Payments: Payments made on ARC are automatically posted to your ERP system with guaranteed accuracy.
  • Automation for Offline Payments: Most payments made outside of ARC can be imported and matched automatically . ARC provides searching and workflow tools to assist with matching exceptions.
  • Support for Multiple Data Formats: Support for standard (ISO 20022, EDI, BAI, BAI2, CSV) and proprietary formats enables import of payment and remittance data from various sources.

A Solution For Every Matching Problem

Not all payments are created equal. We recognize that a varied customer base, entails payments across the spectrum from manual cheque payments to automatic customer pull payments. Payments made by customers that have adopted in to self-service come matched with all the remittance advice needed to be able to post the information back in to a source system such as an ERP.

For all other payments, ARC provides an arsenal of user assisted matching tools to streamline the number of steps in the matching stage. This includes lockbox, cheque and naked ACH payments. With tailored solutions for a diverse set of payment methods, ARC is your one stop shop for cash application.

“We were managing our receivables for seven years and we were doing a good job. Now that we have implemented Versapay we are not only doing a good job, but we have enhanced the experience for our customers – making them happier. When you have technology that makes your customers and your employees happy, it’s a win-win.”

Robert Nathan

The Platform That Pays For Itself

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